Mowatek’s scopes of operations and abilities have been considerably enhanced by her relationship with her partners’ vis-à-vis the ready support and technical assistance she receives, especially from Mono Pumps Limited, UK (whose advanced water/wastewater technology products are currently supplied and installed in Nigeria by Mowatek Nigeria Limited as Agents/Distributor).


Mowatek Nigeria Limited has an established, successful partnership culture, and is focused upon ensuring successful project delivery, in a conflict free environment. Experienced multi-disciplinary teams are used to ensure that focus upon client service is maintained at all times, and Mowatek actively seeks to develop effective team relationships that challenge normal working practice.


Our technical partners are;

NOV Process and Flow Technologies UK Limited (Formerly Mono Pumps Limited)
Martins Street
Audenshaw, Manchester
M34 5DQ , U.K

Tel:       +44 (0) 161 339 9000
Fax:      +44 (0) 161 344 0727



Jet inc   
750 Alpha Drive,

Tel: (440) 461-200 , (800) 321-6960
Fax: (400) 442-9008